Our mission is to give readers the best reading experience of their lives.

Our Story

We're a group of quirky bookworms who wants to provide the best reading experience for other bookworms. So we started Pageaters, an online bookstore that offers affordable reading plans and books. We want you to enjoy the books you love while growing as a person, without having to compromise your wallet!
We strive to provide the best reading experience at affordable prices so that people can have fun, learn and grow. Reading might get costly because of the value they provide so we're providing affordable reading solutions to help readers grow. We're proving a monthly reading plan so that readers would pay one fee and read anything they want.
We believe in the power of words and passion for leisure reading. We hope that our passion helps you find your next favorite book!

Us vs Them

Educate about books
We educate our readers and guide them about books rather then cold selling.

A lot more than purchases
Pageaters is more than a site. Buy, rent, rewards and membership and so much more.

It's a personal experience
We treat you as our bookish friend rather than just a buyer and committed towards best reading experience.

Eat new story everyday